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Suomen Autoteknillinen Liitto ry SATL (The Association of Automotive Technical Societies in Finland) founded in 1934 is the country organization for 37 independent local automotive engineering societies in Finland.

SATL is an organization for persons working as managers, teachers, leaders or experts within the automotive and transportation branches in Finland.

The SATL membership includes:

· Free membership with membership advantages for automotive students

· Special fares for SATL-training and seminars

· Special membership price for the technical literature, ex. Automotive Handbook (Bosch)

· Membership advantages at the SATL meetings

· Free copy of Suomen Autolehti -magazine

• FISITA membership advantages

SATL is the official Finnish member of FISITA and EAEC, the international organizations for the technical experts within the automotive industry. SATL arranged the FISITA 2002 World Automotive Congress in June 2002 in Helsinki, Finland. www.fisita.com

The CD ROM including all the FISITA 2002 congress presentations is available at the SATL Office for the price of 20 Euro. Please contact: satl@satl.fi.

The next FISITA world congress will take place in Chennai, India 2.-5. October 2018. For additional information about FISITA 2018 please see: www.fisita-congress.com.

SATL is the host, together with The Finnish Trade Corporation for the International Automotive Aftermarket Fair for Professionals in Finland. The last aftermarket fair in Finland took palace in November 2016 in Helsinki, Finland. The fair is the most significant automotive aftermarket trade fair in Finland. The product groups include tools, machines and equipment for automotive repair shops and special shops, parts and accessories, body and painting, education and training, financial services, recruiting and personnel services, tire and wheel machinery and equipment as well as tires and wheels, clothing and equipment for workshop maintenance, environmental protection and end of life, oil and lubricants etc. The next fair will take place the 9.-10. November 2018. For additional information about the Automotive Aftermarket fair please contact: sari.helin( at )messukeskus.com

SATL and Autoalan Keskusliitto ry AKL (The Central Organization for the Car Trade and Repairs) publish the professional magazine for the automotive industry in Finland, Suomen Autolehti. Suomen Autolehti is an independently published professional magazine for the Finnish automotive industry, distributed by subscription.

Suomen Autolehti is targeted to the professionals working within the technical and commercial areas of the industry. The magazine is published ten times a year in 9500 copies (April 2018). Suomen Autolehti discusses automotive technology, vehicle repair technology, body repair and painting technology, parts and accessories, vehicle legislation changes, business management and financial statements and other issues and news related to the automotive industry. For media data, please see www.suomenautolehti.fi. For additional information and contacts please contact: toimitus( at )suomenautolehti.fi.

For additional information about SATL please contact: satl( at )satl.fi. 

Contact SATL

Executive Director Pasi Perhoniemi

tel: +358-9-69 44 724
e-mail: pasi.perhoniemi( at )satl.fi
e-mail for the SATL: satl( at )satl.fi



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